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Welcome to our internet home. Since 2004, Sol-Ful Consulting, Inc. has been serving clients within Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We mainly specialize in gentle, powerful Body Therapies that focus on:

  • Rebalancing the central nervous system
    (brain, spinal cord and their related structures)
  • Integrating neuromuscular pathways
  • Releasing pain & restrictions
  • Assisting adults, children and teens in experiencing joy in their bodies and beyond
Our belief is that everyone has the ability to live out his or her full potential. At the core, each person has an inner wisdom that continually guides each of us toward balance, well-being, and joy. Regardless of our current life circumstances, this inner principle knows how to reach our full potential. At times, as our life unfolds, we experience limitations in a form of illness, injury or trauma; during those times, we feel unable to connect with and follow our inner wisdom. Through gentle Body Therapies, we assist our clients in clearning the path toward healing and offer ways to integrate their life experiences.

Over the years, we have witnessed positive changes in the lives of people coming to us with a multitude of various conditions. Ultimately, our clients report experiencing greater freedom and harmony in their lives. This happens, for instance, through the elimination of headaches, back and neck pain, or the release of trauma due to the birthing process, injury, illness, overwhelming stress or abuse.

Rich treating toddler with CSTDavid Rich Sol, LMT (formerly, Rich Kamasinski-Sol) has been practicing various body therapy approaches since 1999. Throughout the years, David has worked within both holistic and clinical settings serving many adults, children and teens. Currently, he offers Hypnotherapy and both in-office and at-home gentle and holistic Body Therapies including CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release, and Integrative Body Therapy.

We look forward to working with you and assisting you in unlocking your full potential.